Birth Through Kindergarten

We are not just baby-sitting your child while you attend Sunday School and the church service. We count it a privilege to introduce our little ones to our amazing GOD and beginning to teach them the following truths:

  • God created them just the way He
    wanted them to be.
  • God loves them unconditionally.
  • God has a plan and purpose for their lives.
  • God can be trusted, even when bad things happen.

Health Care

We appreciate the fact that you make it a priority for your family to come to church and we realize how difficult it is to get everyone up and ready, but we ask you to be considerate of the other families in your child’s room when it comes to illness.   

Please keep children who have had any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours at home: 

  • Fever 
  • Rash 
  • Vomiting 
  • Persistent Cough 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Colored Nasal Discharge 


Please check each child in at the front desk using our computerized security check-in    system.  You will receive a parent name tag for dropping off and picking up your children, one parent security tag and one security badge for each of your children.  Please keep your tag in a safe place, because you will need it when picking up your child.   

If our staff needs to locate you during the church service, we will begin by texting you. Please make sure we have an accurate number listed for you.  KEEP YOUR CELL PHONE ON AND SET TO VIBRATE SO WE ARE ABLE TO REACH YOU. 


You MUST present your security tag to the teacher when picking up your child.  Our teachers do not have the authority to release a child without the matching security tag.  If you lose your tag, you will be directed to the preschool director who can release your child to you.  We are sorry if this causes you any  inconvenience, but your child’s safety is very important to us.  Please make us aware of  anyone NOT authorized to pick up your child.  Your security tag can be divided if needed, to allow more than one person to pick up your child.   




Infants and Preschoolers 

We have numerous little ones in our care.  We ask that you label bottles and have them ready when you bring your child to class.  If the bottle needs refrigeration, please let the teacher know. 

Nursing mothers are welcome anytime.  We have a private nursing room set up and available to you in the preschool area. 

Due to the dynamics of the nursery, our teachers may not be able to follow your exact feeding and sleeping schedule.  Your child’s bottle is given as close to your schedule as possible, but we are unable to feed each child larger meals like apple sauce, baby food, etc.  We will provide age-appropriate snacks while your child is with us.   

No foods should be brought from home.  We offer snacks to all the children.  We serve Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Gold Fish or Animal Crackers along with water.  (Age appropriately.) 

Kindergarteners are occasionally served a special snack which relates to their Bible story. 

Trinity does not have a peanut-free policy at this time. 

Additional Info

Please label all belongings before you come to the preschool. 

Please provide an adequate supply of: 

  • Diapers 
  • Bottles 
  • Change of clothes 

Separation Anxiety 

It is natural for children to experience some separation anxiety.  If your child is upset when you leave, rest assured that our teachers will make every attempt to help your child feel secure and happy.  We do not let children “cry it out” unless specifically instructed to do so by the parent. 

If they are in the babies class, we will try his/her bottle or pacifier.  We will check to see if they are hot, cold, wet, or simply needss holding.  In the older classes we have numerous activities to help distract them.   

We try to wait until everyone has finished dropping off their children and there are no new faces at the door, then if nothing seems to help after 10-15 minutes, the Preschool Director will contact you via text.  We are happy to continue working with your child, but we want that to be your call.  If you would like to check on your child, please locate the Preschool Director and she will be happy to show you to the room and check on your child. 

Potty Training 

We make every effort to help you as you potty train your preschooler and understand that accidents do happen during the process. (Restrooms are located in the preschool area.)  Please keep in mind that we have numerous children in the classrooms at the same time.  We would appreciate if you could send your child to class in pull-ups until they are fully potty trained.  Your child should be able to communicate to the teacher their need to go to the bathroom without being prompted and able to wait until the restroom is available, before they come in panties/underwear. 


Join Us Sundays 10:45 am & 6:00 pm / Sunday School at 9:30 am


You can choose how you give. Give for general purposes, give to David Toon Memorial Fund, give to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, give to Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.


You can choose how you give. Give for general purposes, give to David Toon Memorial Fund, give to Lottie Moon Christmas Fund, give to Annie Armstrong Easter Fund.