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The Goal

Our student ministry exists to help students know Jesus Christ deeply, leading them to become disciple-making disciples for the fame of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We recognize, however, that parents are the primary disciplers of their students. Our goal is to partner with you, the parent, in discipling your student.

The How

We want to create windows of opportunity for you to speak truth into your student’s life, to model the Christian life in front of your student, and to serve alongside your student. Use this page to find resources, gain insight, and get ideas for discipling your student!

What about students without believing parents?

Our goal is to come around these students and, as a church, be a family to them. We love on them as our own, invite them to our family worship time, and intentionally encourage them with Scripture.

Isn't Discipleship the Church's Job?

Scripture shows quite clearly that parents are the primary disciple-makers for their family. In Deuteronomy 6, the Lord instructs parents to disciple their children during every activity of the day. With the family being the first institution that God created, we want to support, equip, and encourage parents as they raise their children in the way they should go.

Articles for Parents

Honoring Parents

But honoring is hard; it requires us to suspend our self-worship, to give up the honor we imagine belongs to us and render it to another, to inconvenience ourselves for the benefit of others, to rise in the presence of the aged (Lev. 19:32), and thereby honor God.


of Believers Decided to follow Christ before age 18


Regularly Attend Church after High School


Average time per day spent on "Religious Activities" for High Schoolers

Sources: Family Life Council from SBC, 2002>, Barna Group on Evangelism is Most Effective among Kids. Usage on time: American Time Use Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013..

Family Discipleship

A few ideas for you to disciple your student.

Revisit Sunday's Lesson

Each week, our students are given a “One Conversation” sheet from small groups on Sunday morning. Use that sheet to revisit the main points and verses of Scripture we discussed. Ask them questions like, “How does this change your thinking about this?” or “Why does this matter?” You can also do some of the “action points” with them, choosing one of the three application options.

Chapter Challenge

Read through the chapter from Trinity’s chapter challenge with your student. Have him or her read part of it, you read part of it, and pray about it afterwards together.

RightNow Media

Choose from one of the hundreds of relevant and applicable studies on RightNow Media. Watch a 20 minute video together and then use the free discussion questions, or ask your own questions.

Avg. Use of Time for High Schoolers

When I saw this study for the average american High Schooler, my heart sank because I know it is largely true. Perhaps here in East Texas, sports consume more time and leisure less. Nevertheless, this is the norm of our students’ world. And this is what we’re up against.

If we are to instill a commitment to spending time with the Lord daily, then we must lead them. That means we must live by example, encourage often, and train them in living out their faith.

Source of Study

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Recommended Resources

Family Worship

Don Whitney

Don Whitney has spent much of his life thinking through spiritual disciplines on a deep level. Now, he has turned to helping equip the family engage in worship together.

Age of Opportunity

Paul David Tripp

This helpful book, from a counselor’s mind, helps to uncover the heart of the matter with teenagers. With complete humility, Tripp helps show ways to seize opportunities for deeper communication and instruction.

The Purity Principle

Randy Alcorn

A short, helpful book to be challenged in guarding our hearts and minds for the sake of purity. This would be a helpful book to read through with a teenager in helping them prepare for life’s journeys ahead.