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Learn & Experience

See for yourself what God is doing around the world. We will learn about missions and how to share the gospel with everyone.

Live the Mission

Live intentionally each day as you walk with Jesus and live out the mission he has called you to.

Love Like Jesus

Serve Haitian children and show them the love that Jesus has shown to you. Work alongside churches and other students to play with and teach local kids.

Application Due November 15th

Click here to download the Haiti Application. Please fill out and return by November 15th, along with your non-refundable $125 deposit. Have questions? Feel free to contact Adam!

June 10th–17th

We will go to Haiti Saturday and come back the following Saturday, June 17th. We will have the chance to experience different parts of Haiti while we are there. Here’s how we will use our days:

Day 1


We’ll take a short flight down to Haiti. Much of Day 1 will be traveling to Dallas, then to Miami, then to Port-au-prince. We will take a bus with the rest of the group to the BHM camp next to the ocean.

Day 2


We’ll spend a day learning, training, and getting ready for camp. We’ll learn more about the culture, how to best minister while we are there, and our different roles during camp.

Day 3

Camp Day 1

Haitian children will arrive for two days of camp! We will get to play with them, help teach them, and serve them at the local campus where we are staying. The facilities have lots of fun activities for the kids.

Day 4

Camp Day 1

Day 2 of camp!

Day 5


Usually we will travel up into the mountains. Sometimes the camp goes to serve people who have never heard of Jesus. While we are up there, we will do VBS with the kids for two days.

Day 6

More VBS

We’ll do more VBS with the local kids there. We get to bring camp to them – and that means we get to bring Jesus to them too.

Day 7

That’s a Wrap

We’ll pack up and head out on Day 7. Even though we’re traveling back home, the mission doesn’t end. We will take what God teaches us in Haiti back home with us – and continue to live out the mission at home.

What will we do?

  • Learning about, and experiencing firsthand, God’s work in Haiti.
  • Serving with the Haitian church in outreach and evangelism within villages in the area.
  • Engaging Haitian youth and children with Biblical stories through camp and/or Vacation Bible School.
  • Worshipping and fellowshipping with Haitian believers.
  • Possibly some construction projects in service to BHM and the Haitian church.
  • Encouraging the BHM missionaries and Haitian believers.