Our Beginning

In the summer of 1953, a tent revival was held in the Elderville Community (later named Lakeport) using a tent rented from the Temple Baptist Church. Following that revival crusade, several people felt a real need for a Southern Baptist Church in that area. These individuals continued holding Sunday School and worship services in the tent as well as in the home of R.T. “Tuck” and Maryann Still. In addition, they approached Mobberly Baptist Church with the idea and after much prayer, Mobberly agreed to sponsor a mission effort.
The small group quickly outgrew the available space and moved into a rundown building where sleet and snow sifted through the roof and cracks. When it came time to have the electricity turned on, Rusk County Electric needed a name to send the bill to.  Rev. George Griffin suggested sending the bill to “The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. These three and call it Trinity”. Thus, it was in this building that the church was named.
Mobberly Baptist continued sponsorship of Trinity until November 29, 1953, when we became a full time church. Bro. George Griffin was called as the first pastor and served from November 29, 1953 to May 9, 1954.
In 1954, the congregation purchased an acre of land and an old laundromat which was converted into the church.
Pastors and Staff serving Trinity since that beginning include:
November 1953 to May 1954: Rev. George Griffin
May 1954 to October 1955: Rev. C.E. Oden
November 1955 to July 1956: Rev. C.A. Young
October 1956 to May 1960: Rev. W.S. Huffines
July 1960 to April 1978: Rev. Lloyd Ozment
March 1979 to February 1985: Rev. Ronnie Starr
December 1986 to May 2012: Dr. Gary M. Orr

In October, 2012, Trinity called Dr. Gary May as pastor along with his wife, Carolyn.

God continues to bless our efforts at Trinity Baptist Church and to amaze us as He provides for our every need.